Our mission is accelerating technological progress to create a vital future. We build cities to support organizations solving the world’s hardest problems.

Build On Praxis (BOP) is your org’s entry point to Praxis. At your discretion, it will evolve into a registered entity within the legal framework of the Praxis Acceleration Zone.

Early BOP registrants will have greater input over the Zone’s urban and regulatory design. 


  • Fundraising, hiring, and partnership leads

    Community of thousands in >65 countries; top founders, investors, engineers, researchers, operators, and creatives
  • Government relations and GTM support

The Zone’s features are still under negotiation, but our targeted offerings include:


  • Low input costs

    • Energy
    • Compute
    • Real Estate
  • Techno-optimist regulatory environment

    • Removing unnecessary hurdles in nuclear, biotech, crypto, etc.
    • Elon-compatible labor law
  • Economic incentives 

    Financial concessions, grants, contracts, investment
  • World-class, liquid labor market

    Engineers, operators, and researchers